Local History - Mersea and around

A Brief History of Mersea

The Mersea Barrow

Wheel Tomb and Child's Burial Tomb

Tudor Blockhouse Fort

The Strood

Red Hills

Local Churches ...

Mersea Pubs and Hotels ...

World War 2 ...

Mersea Island in 1848

East Mersea tales - the Wilson family

Joy Gethen - Mersea Memories

Golf Club at East Mersea

Mersea Regatta Past and Present
Audio - a talk by Ron Green from 1994

2017 finds in the mud

West Mersea Council archives

The Telephone on Mersea

Oral History - listen to audio ...

Articles on local history ...

Nearby Villages

  Birch village ...

Peldon ...

Tollesbury ...

Wigborough ...

Mersea Archive Research Group (MARG)

Mersea Archive Research Group is working to transcribe old documents from Mersea and the surrounding area. The documents include many wills and the Strood Accounts going back to the 16th century.

List of transcribed documents

May 2020 Sue Howlet wrote a blog for Essex Record Office on the work done by MARG:


  Mersea Island
A brief history of Mersea Island
Local Churches
Local Churches
Mersea Pubs and Hotels
Mersea Pubs and Hotels
Farming at Birch
Pictures of Birch
Farming at Birch
Peldon Village
Peldon History Project
Oral History
Oral History