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TitleCaptain Bill Green - barges UNA and ZENOBIA
AbstractResearch by Ron Green on Bill Green's work on barges. Ron has a notebook kept by Bill at the time.
From Tony Millatt 18Aug2012 The Dutch newspaper archives have shipping arrival and departure records. The following is from just a few of the papers.

22 December 1912, ZENOBIA, Bailey, Nieuwe Waterweg, Pruissen England
18 July 1913, ZENOBIA, Dowell, Zierikzee arr, England for Preuissen
22 August 1913, ZENOBIA, Dorrell, Zierikzee dep, Pruissen for London.
9 March 1914, UNA, Green, Zierikzee dep, Pruissen for England
3 April 1914, UNA, Green, Zierikzee arr, London for Dusseldorf
20 May 1914, UNA, Green, Rijnvaart, London
29 July 1914, UNA, Green, Zieriksee, Pruisen [for] England

I have not found a mention of Green with UNA before 9 March 1914 or of ZENOBIA after 22 August 1913. But there are lots of papers one could check through...
Zierikzee is a place in Holland where they clear customs.

From Ron Green
The 29th July for UNA [ON 84030] and Bill Green ties in well with his notes which survive. He left Remagen on the 28th and Dordrecht on the 30th. He was becalmed for 24 hours 5 miles from the North Light Ship then picked up a nice breeze which carried them to Grays. Arrived London August 2nd. He then did a few trips down channel and to the Channel Islands followed by government work on the Thames. UNA was sold and he joined ZENOBIA [ON 91903] as master in October 1914. He then spent a few months on the Thames on government work then traded to France until the end of the war. He then went back to trading to the continent, channel ports an North Country ports. He left ZENOBIA after 7 years as master.
It also seems that Pruisen would mean Remagen.
Elsewhere in his notes he says his first trip in ZENOBIA was from London to Boulogne in the first world war. The barge next in turn at Remagen in July 1914 was crewed by the Norton family of Brightlingsea and was probably DUNKERQUE [ON 99456]. It would be interesting to find out when they finally got away and if they brought home a load of Appolinaris. The hulks list recorded that she was interned in Germany from 1914 - 1919 was broken up at Pin Mill in c1935 and was owned by Whitmore of Harwich.

SourceMersea Museum