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Arrived:4 November 1944
Departed:19 April 1945
Career:Oyster Company's Register records EMPIRE BEATRICE 31 March 1945. Renamed BEATRICE N.-1949, MARY K.-1953, WINCHESTER PROWESS-1965, GRAZIA BOTTIGLIERI-1966 and broken up Split December 1968.
From Oyster Company ledger.
- 31 March 1945 21 weeks compensation. Harrisons (London) Ltd.
- 19 April 1945 compensation.
EMPIRE BEATRICE April 1945 reported towed from River Blackwater to River Clyde by by tugs EMPIRE LARCH and THAMES [ Clyde Maritime ]

Tonnage:7,046 gross
Type:Cargo ship
Owner:British Government
Official No:168994

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