Pictures of Birch

We have over 400 Pictures of the nearby Essex village of Birch, many of them from a collection made by Pat Adkins in the 1990s.

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Many of these images were on a "Pictures of Birch" website.
For some background, see PBS_011

See also ...

Birch School 1847 - 1947 - a history

Birch and Layer Breton churches history
A history of the churches old and new of Birch and Layer Breton is on the Breton Heath website - see (opens in a new window)

Your Essex - At Birch - Cyril R. Jefferies - 1930s

Owen Ellis papers
Owen wrote many short stories and poems, some of them based on in younger days in Birch

  Birch Church 1964
Birch Church 25 December 1964
Birch Mill
Birch Mill
Birch School Sports Day
Birch School Sports Day 1950