Peldon History Project is working to record the history of the village of Peldon.

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Articles about Peldon

  - Peldon Methodist Chapel

  - The Peldon Vulture

  - 1953 Flood

  - Pyefleet House

  - Farmers' evictions in WW2, and the Peldon Protest

  - Women's Land Army in Essex in WW2

  - Peldon and the Great Colchester Earthquake of 1884

  - Captain Swing Peldon Wages Riot

  - Evacuees come to Peldon

  - Pullens of the Peldon Rose

  - Sparrow Pie at the Peldon Rose

  - Comyn's Charity

  - The Mills and Millers of Peldon

  - Peldon Stores - Dansies

  - Peldon Post Offices

  - Peldon's Carriers and early bus services

  - Peldon School

  - Peldon in WW1 from School Log Books

  - Peldon Village Hall

  - Peldon Neigbourhood News

  - Peldon Hall Cottage - Chris and Archie Moore

  - Peldon Church Histories

Peldon People

  - The Coans

  - John Linnett Clarke

  - Private Dines died 4 November 1918

  - Ernest Frederick Gladwell 1890-1915

  - Herbert Harrison - killed in the First Boer War     *** New ***

  - The Hyams - Shopkeepers of Peldon

  - The Mallett Family; Sailors and Shopkeeper

  - Charlton Cyril Mason died 24 February 1944

  - Harry Ponder

  - George Scales - farmer

  - The Miller Family

  - Daniel Rich - a Peldon smuggler

  - The Wooldridge Family of Kemps Farm

      - Dora Banfield The Land Girl's Story

      - Geoffrey Wooldridge

  - Spring Wyncoll

  - Mason Family of Hill House

And straying over the border...

  - Bernard Ratcliffe of Little Wigborough

  Peldon Shop in the 1920s
S.C. White & Co. Peldon shop in the 1920s
Peldon Rose around 1905
Peldon Rose around 1905
Lost - Peldon Hole, now under the Reservoir
Lost - Peldon Hole, now under the Reservoir
Peldon Church c1911
St Mary's Church, Peldon circa 1911
Peldon Ploug
Peldon Plough