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 Rectors of Little Wigborough. Framed list on north wall of church, printed by T.B.Millatt.

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Rectors of Little Wigborough. Framed list on north wall of church, printed by T.B.Millatt.

Adam, parson of Parva Wyggebergh1272
Simon de Romenale1329
Richard de Glenton1331
Roger Poppe
Nicholas Downe1390
John Gale
John Philipp1430
Richard Kylworth1445
Henry Scot
Peter Marshall1459
John Bokenham1493
John Parke1513
Christopher Warton1532
William Dobson1551
Thomas Gleson1573
Richard Bridgman, M.A.1586
William Nicholson, M.A.1613
Ralph Parris, M.A.1640
Robert Sterrell, B.C.L. (removed)       1641
John Coe (Intruding Puritan Minister)1655
Roger Turbridge, M.A.1662
Christopher Wragg, M.A.1686
Richard Lidgold, M.A.1690
George Trotter, M.A.1708
Samuel Urlwyn, M.A.1721
Benjamin Woolaston, M.A.1729
Frederick Richards, M.A.1734
John Temple, M.A.1761
Fyge Jauncey, B.C.L.1764
James Hargrave, M.A.1773
John Maule, M.A.1774
William Bird, M.A.1776
John Lane, M.A.1796
John Stewart, M.A.1811
Henry Yeomans, M.A.1812
Charles Thomas Heathcote, D.D.1814
Richard Pain, B.C.L., M.A.1820
Edward Bowen, M.A.1854
Frederick Tyrwhitt-Drake, M.A.1856
James J. Martin-Cunynghame, M.A.1866
          United with Great Wigborough, 1878    
Frederick Watson, M.A.1879
Frederick Theobald, M.A.1886
Llewellyn Christopher Watson Bullock, B.A.1925
Frederick Yates, L.Th., Hon C.F.1933
Arnold de Quincey, B.A.1952
Roland Hall (Priest-in-charge from 1961)1963
Arthur Edward Brand1964
Laurence Henry Lamprell, B.A.1970
John Carpenter, M.A. (Priest in Charge)1972
James Edward Seddon, L.Th1974
The Wigboroughs united with Peldon1975
Edward Charles Lendon M.A.1981
John Sinclair Short1990
The Wigboroughs and Peldon united with
West Mersea and East Mersea
Robin Howard Elphick (Priest in Charge)1994

Robin Elphick was succeeded by Sam Charles Norton M.A. in 2003.

Photo: Mersea Museum
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Category 1 Places-->Wigborough


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