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 Mistral. Journal of the Mersea Island Society. 2002 Page 9.

Evacuees by Helen Searle ( HMS ) continued from  ...
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Mistral. Journal of the Mersea Island Society. 2002 Page 9.

Evacuees by Helen Searle ( HMS ) continued from Page 8

together talking ten to the dozen about the events in the great gap of years. One thing struck me forcibly: these two, from arriving in Mersea holding hands and making it quite clear they didn't want to be separated at the ages of eight and nine in a strange place among strange people, had kept holding hands all through their lives, supporting and loving each other. Eunice in particular needed this help. I heard - and it made her anti-social behaviour at eight years old understandable - that she had had to suffer at the time of the evacuation by being told her mother didn' t want her around, and by having to give testimony in court against her father (it was legal in those days) at the painful time of her parents' break-up. Then to be sent away to a strange place fifty miles from home to people who would perhaps be unfriendly and unsympathetic was a great strain; no wonder she wouldn't make friends with anyone.

But now, with Goldie's staunch friendship, here she was, talking with confidence about herself, making me laugh by telling me she fell downstairs regularly! She no longer looked pale and anxious but healthy and pleased to see me again. It made me very happy after her unhappy start in 1939. They each had two sons and a daughter, and numerous grandchildren, bonded by their grandmothers' firm and continuing alliance. Goldie had said to me, "You don't know how happy you have made us. We are always talking about that time and about 'Mummy Clark' and 'Daddy Clark'".

They saw my now neglected garden - I have rheumatoid arthritis - and promised to come in the summer and restore it something like order and beauty.

We all went the five miles to see my younger sister who sold them some of her own books for their grandchildren. Most of these books are now out of print, in particular the 'Five Dolls' series.

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Date: January 2002      

Photo: Mersea Museum
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