TitleMARG - transcribed deeds, wills, other old documents
AbstractMersea Archive Research Group (MARG) is working to transcribe old documents from a number of sources. There is a list of completed documents below, with a few that are work-in-progress. Where the document is from Essex Record Office or the Nation Archives, the Document ID is quoted and an image of the original document can usually be obtained from them.
If a document has been transcribed, the Link column will take you to the transcription.

Strood Accounts

1.MARG_001_011     Strood Accounts Receipts 1556 ERO D/P 77/25/1
2.MARG_002_011 Strood Accounts Receipts 1557-58 ERO D/P 77/25/1
3.MARG_003_011 Receipts of the Strood 1559 1560
4.MARG_004_011 Strood Charges 1559 D/P 77/25/1
5.MARG_005_011 Strood Accounts Charges 1560 1561 ERO D/P 77/25/1
6.MARG_006_011 Strood Accounts Receipts 1561-62 ERO D/P 77/25/1
7.MARG_007_011 Strood Accounts receipts 1562-64 ERO D/P 77/25/1
8.MARG_008_011 Strood Accounts Receipts 1565 ERO D/P 77/25/1
9.MARG_009_011 Strood Accounts 1566-75 ERO D/P 77/25/1
10.MARG_010_011 Strood Accounts 1620 ERO D/P 77/25/2


101.MARG_101_011       John Whyter, East Mersea, 1547 D/ABW 39/12
102.MARG_102_011 Henry Taillour of West Mersea (from J.B. Bennett)
103.MARG_103_011 John Cooke 1637 ERO D/ABW 54/15
104.MARG_104_011 William Mott West Mersea 1620 ERO D/ABW 45/177
105.MARG_105_011 William Beckett West Mersea 1633 ERO D/ABW 52/145
106.MARG_106_011 Robert Wilvet 1542-3 D/ABW 39/55
107.MARG_107_011 Eliz Sethyck East Mersea 1557 D/ABW 33/329
108.MARG_108_011 Joan Thornback 1636 West Mersea D/ABW 54/24
109.MARG_109_011 Joan Foakes of West Mersey 1638 D/ABW 55/249
110.MARG_110_011 John Livermore Quaker 1671 D/ABW 66/260
111.MARG_111_011 Robert Gybb 1543 D/ABW 16/96
112.MARG_112_011 John Jeffery West Mersea 1557 D/ABW 21/59
113.MARG_113_011 Thomas Fereer EM 1628 D/ACW 10/233
114.MARG_114_011 Anne Cooke noncupative 1622 D/ABW 44/303
115.MARG_115_011 Joanna Hunter West Mersea 1690 D/ABW 73/220
116.MARG_116_011 Will of Richard Joslinge of West Mersea 1600 ERO D/ABW 21/198
117.MARG_117_011 Will of Elizabeth Prentyse of West Mersea 1589 ERO D/ABW 29/146
118.MARG_118_011 Will of Rychard Whyter of West Mersea D/ABW 39/12
119.MARG_119_011 Will of Thomas Taylor of East Mersea 1625 D/ACW 10/21
120.MARG_120_012 Will of Israel Edwards of East Mersea 1666 D/ACW 17/210
121.MARG_121_011 Will of John Fokes 1546 D/ABW 14/36
122.Will of Katherine Durrell 1546 D/ABW 12/35
123.MARG_123_012 Will of Thomas Flowre 1540
124.MARG_124_011 Will of James Wells 1614 ERO D/ABW 41/231
125.MARG_125_011 Will of Henry Lyarde of West Mersea 1604 ERO D/ABW 24/57
126.MARG_126_011 Will of Joan Middleton 1557 ERO D/ABW 25/151
127.MARG_127_011 Will of Thomas Frere of Fingringhoe 1663 ERO D/ACW 17/114
128.MARG_128_011 Will of William Fookes of West Mersea 1609 ERO D/ABW 15/121
129.MARG_129_011 Will of George Northey of West Mersea 1660 ERO D/ABW 61/251
130.MARG_130_011 Will of Henry Choppin of West Mersea 1628 ERO D/ABW 49/229
131.MARG_131_011 Will of Stephen Smyth of West Mersea 1492 TNA PROB 11/10/606
132.MARG_132_011 Will of Sarah Hackney of West Mersea 1660 D/ABW 61/125
133.MARG_133_011 Will of George Wayland of Fingringhoe 1790 TNA PROB 11/1264/41
134.MARG_134_011 Will of Shadrack Ennew of West Mersea 1784 TNA PROB 11/996/275
135.MARG_135_011 Will of Thomas Jolly of East Mersea 22 Feb 1598/99 ERO D/ACW 4/74
136.MARG_136_011 Will of Robert Foxe 17 Jan 1557 ERO D/ARW 14/106
137.MARG_137_011 Will of William Songer of West Mersea 1607 ERO D/ABW 36/68
138.MARG_138_011 Will of Josias Ennew of Messing 1688 ERO D/ACW 20/248
139.MARG_139_011 Will of John Hawkins oyster fisherman of West Mersea 1667 ERO D/ACW 65/89
140.MARG_140_011 Will of Jeremiah Harvey of East Mersea 1671 ERO D/ACW 18/182
141.MARG_141_011 Will of Margaret Bulloke 1528 ERO D/ABW 3/12
142.MARG_142_011 Will of John Bullock 1553 National Archives PROB 11/43/553
143.MARG_143_011 Will of Agnes Bullock 1576 ERO D/ABW 4/351
144.MARG_144_011 Will of John Bullock of Great Wigborough 1575 ERO D/ACW 4/344
145.MARG_145_011 Will of Henry Bullock 1578 National Archives PROB 11/61/174
146.MARG_146_011 Will of Edward Bullock 1611 ERO D/ACW 5/142
147.MARG_147_011 Will of Robert Bullock 1626 ERO D/ACW 10/48
148.MARG_148_011 Will of Joan Bullock 1624 ERO D/ACW 46/101
149.MARG_149_011 Will of Henry Bullock of West Mersea 1646/7 ERO D/ACW 14/121
150.MARG_150_011 Will of Margaret Bullock of Great Wigborough 1561 ERO D/ACR 5/194/1
151.MARG_151_011 Will of John Bullock of Great Wigborough 1660 ERO D/ACW 16/34
152.MARG_152_011 Will of Edward Bullock of Great Wigborough 1595/6, Essex National Archives PROB 11/87/187
153.MARG_153_011 Marriage of John Bullock & Anne Fuller of Great Wigborough 1607
154.MARG_154_011 Will of Sir Edward Bullock of Faulkbourne Hall 1646 PROB 11/197/603
155.MARG_155_011 Will of John Bullock of Great Wigborough 1559 D/ACR 5/216
156.MARG_156_011 Will of John Bullock of Great Wigborough 1560/61 D/ACR 5/216
157.MARG_157_011 Will of William Bullock of Layer Breton 1549 D/ABW 3/154
158.MARG_158_011 Will of Henry Bullock of Great Wigborough 1609 D/ACW 5/18
171.MARG_171_011 Will of John Dynes of West Mersea 1651 ERO Ref D/ACW 15/311
172.MARG_172_011 Will of William Coole of East Mersey, 1615/6 ERO Ref: D/ACW 7/248
173Will of William Dunning of West Mersea, 1670 ERO Ref: D/ABW 66/31
174MARG_174_011 Will of George Hall of West Mersea 1636 ERO Ref: D/ABW 54/121
175MARG_175_011 Peter Hunter, butcher of West Mersea 1688 D/ABW 72/253
176MARG_176_011 Will of John Smith of West Mersea 1660 TNA PROB 11/298/321
177MARG_177_011 Will of James Flettwood of East Mersea 1668 D/ACW 18/83
178MARG_178_011 Will of John Kidby, Lord of Manor of West Mersea 1762 TNA PROB 11/879/94
179MARG_179_011 Will of John Carter of East Mersea 1629 D/ACW 11/61
180MARG_180_011 John Kidby Lord of Manor of West Mersea 1656 Court Leete D/DA T217
181MARG_181_011 Will of William Ainger of East Mersea 1661 ERO D/ACW 16/110
182MARG_182_011 Will of Samuel Killderby of West Mersea 1660 ERO D/ABW 61/114
183MARG_183_011 Will of John Kidby Rector of Shenfield 1693
186MARG_186_011 Will of Sarah Quincey 1842 TNA PROB 11/2004/69
188MARG_188_011 Will of Elizabeth Ainger widow of East Mersea 1662 D/ACW 16/167
189MARG_189_011 Will of Samuel Death 1638/9 D/ACW 13/117
190MARG_190_011 Will of Edward Bellamy of London 1656 TNA PROB 11/258/240
191MARG_191_011 Will of J.E. Ballard of East Mersea 1664 D/ACW 17/223
192MARG_192_011 Will of Betsey Green née May of Fordham 1852 D/ABW 140/2/13
193MARG_193_011 Will of Mary Smeth of West Mersea 1626 D/ABW 48/210

Peldon wills and documents

201.MARG_201_011     William French, yeoman of Peldon 1607 ERO D/ABW 15/98
202.MARG_202_011 Thomas Bullock of Peldon, carpenter 25 Feb 1706 ERO D/ABW 79/7.
203.MARG_203_011 Margarett Commyns, Peldon ERO D/ABW 10/229.
204.MARG_204_011 Will of Joan Waywold, Peldon 30 April 1584 ERO D/ABW 40/47.
205.MARG_205_011 Will of Henry Marveile of Peldon 1579 ERO D/ABW 25/271
206.MARG_206_011 Indenture Mary Wade of Peldon 1692
207.MARG_207_011 Will of Abraham Fokes [ Foakes ] of Peldon 1597 D/ABW 15/49
208.MARG_208_011 Will of John Lawrence of Peldon 1612 D/ABW 24/117
209.MARG_209_011 Will of William Heidge [ Hedge ] of Peldon 1650 PROB/11/268/126
210.MARG_210_011 Will of Thomas Page of Peldon 1583 PROB 11/77/407
211.MARG_211_011 Will of Samuel Munt of Peldon Hall 1653 TNA PROB 11/275/327
212.MARG_212_011 Will of John Wayland of Peldon 1788 TNA PROB 11/1173/41
213.MARG_213_011 Will of John Lorrance of Peldon 1646 ERO D/ACW 14/144
214.MARG_214_011 Will of Rev. Francis Onge of Peldon 1666/7 TNA PROB 11/323/175
215.MARG_215_011 John Cornelius Marriage Allegation 1641
216.MARG_216_011 Will of Samuel Edwin Bean of Peldon 1848 TNA PROB 11/2155/380
241.PH01_DMS Peldon in Domesday Book
251.SLY_001_101 Sleyes Peldon conveyance John Lawrence John Anger 1635
252.SLY_002_101 Sleyes Peldon conveyance John Lawrence John Anger 1635
253.SLY_003_101 Sleyes Peldon Will of John Hopkins 1734
254.SLY_004_101 Sleyes Peldon letter from James Boys 1741
255.SLY_005_101 Sleyes Peldon will of Jonathan Bennet of East Mersea 1760
256.SLY_006_101 Sleyes Peldon Regrant and Admission of Edward Ransom
257.SLY_007_101 Sleyes Peldon sale by Edward Ransom to John White 1772
258.SLY_008_101 Sleyes Manorial Surrender to John White 1772
259.SLY_009_101 Sleyes Manorial Admission of John White 1774
260.SLY_010_101 Sleyes sale of property to Joseph Ward 1780
261.SLY_011_101 Sleyes Admission of Joseph Ward
262.SLY_012_101 Sleyes - sale Mary Wilsmore to Martin Harvey
265.PPS_001 Indenture Priest's House (Slyes) Peldon 1726

Abberton, Wigborough and Virley Wills and Documents

275.MARG_275_011     Will of Edward Popley Rector of Great Wigborough 1558/9 D/ABW 28/230
276.MARG_276_011 Will of Thomas Fookes of Virley 1833 D/ACW 43/5/10
277.MARG_277_011 Indenture between the Potter Family and James Boys of Colchester 1715
280.MARG_280_011 Hearth Tax Great Wigborough 1673 ERO Q/RTh 8/4

Other documents

301.Bower Hall 1743 D/DU/491
302.Tithe customs of vicarage of West Mersea 1460/1750 D/Q 1/12
303.MARG_303_011 Manorial Records - East Mersea Tree Cutting 1501 D/DRc M12
304.MARG_304_011 East Mersea Manor - letter from Queen Elizabeth ref Thomas Abell D/DRc M12
305.1589 Crew list for bark PARNELL D/DRc M12
306.MARG_306_011 Those that would run a virtuous race ... (Poem) D/DRc M12
MARG_306_013 From all the stock of flying fowl (Poem) D/DRc M12
307.West Mersea Custumal 1497 D/Du 491/22
308.MARG_308_001 West Mersea St Ouen's Domesday 1086
309.MARG_309_001 West Mersea Bocking Hall Domesday 1086
310.MARG_310_001 East Mersea Domesday 1086
311.MARG_311_012 William Myddleton Inventory West Mersea 1555 D/ABW 25/125
312.MARG_312_011 Manorial Customs in West Mersea and Fingringhoe
313.MARG_313_011 Manorial Customs in West Mersea - tenants destruction of ancient records
320.MARG_320_011 East Mersea Courte Baron ERO D/DU 555/18
321.MARG_321_011 East Mersea Customary tenants incl. Abell D/DU 555/18
322.MARG_322_011 East Mersea Demesnes 1589 D/DU 555/18
323.MARG_323_011 East Mersea Courte Leete 1589 D/DU 555/18
324.MARG_324_011 East Mersea Courte Leete 1559 Payments Fines D/DU 555/18
325.MARG_325_011 East Mersea Manor map c1650 D/DU 555/18
326.MARG_326_011 East Mersea Court of Lady Bridget Marney 1537 D/DRc M12
327.MARG_327_011 East Mersea letter from Queen Elizabeth 1559 D/DRc M12
328.MARG_328_011 East Mersea Book: Thomas Abell 1558 D/DRc M12
329.MARG_329_011 East Mersea Book: Works and Customs D/DRc M12
330.MARG_330_011 East Mersea Book: Owing to Cousin Jollye ERO D/DRc M12
331.MARG_331_011 East Mersea Book: Thomas Peare Expenses ERO D/DRc M12
361.MARG_361_011 The Domesday of Inclosures 1517
371MARG_371_011 Pete Hall (Walter George Surrender) 1657
372MARG_372_011 Pete Hall (Walter George & Thomas Reynolds) 1658
373MARG_373_011 Will of Robert George of Copford 1609 D/ABW 17/101
401.MARG_401 Earliest written references to Mersea Island 894 etc
401.MARG_402 Charter of King Edward the Confessor 1046

KeywordsSH04, comyns
Published24 May 1628
SourceMersea Museum