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TitleWill of Thomas Flowre of East Mersea 1540 transcription
AbstractWill of Thomas Flowre of East Mersea

Transcribed by Trevor Hearn 25th February 2020
For translation to Modern English, go to MARG_123_012

Page 1

1   Testamentu[m] Thome
2   flowre de Estm[er]sey
3   In The Name of god amen
4   in the yer of o[ur] soveraigne lord King Henry
5   the viijth supreme hede of this churche of
6   England next under god xxxj the xxjti day
7   of february I Thomas floure of good mynd
8   & remembraunce make this my testame[n]t
9   and last will thus folowing first I bequeth
10   my soule to allmyghtie god to o[ur] lady saynt
11   mary and to all the holy company of heven
12   and my body to be buried in the churche yard
13   of saynt Edmonde in estmersey Item I give
14   and bequeth to margery my wif[e] all hir
15   moveables beside them th[a]t I paide hir for th[a]t
16   she brought unto me and if ther be a ill shepe
17   of hirs th[a]t she brought to me she to have a
18   other for it of myn[e] Also I give to margery
19   my wif[e] vjli xiijs iiijd to be paid to hir out
20   of my lande called Kenettis bi the handes
21   of my executo[ur]s as the farme dothe rase it
22   Also I give and bequethe to margery my
23   wif[e] the p[ro]fete of my beffe [Note 1] and ther calves
24   and the mylke of the<.> ewis till michelmas
25   next comyng to kepe my childerne togeder
26   till michellmas and she to have hir dwel[Note 2]
27   lying in my home house to the forenamed
28   michelmas Also I will my wole & my lames
29   go to the pay[i]ng of my dettis & other chargis w[i]t[h]
30   all and the overplus to be kepid to th[e] use
31   of my sone Thomas bi the handes of my
32   executors and thei to give a Rekenyng
33   of it to the sup[er]visor of my will Also I give

Page 2

1   and bequethe to Thomas my sone all my
2   landes bothe fre[e] and copye bi the licens of the
3   lordes Also I give unto the said Thomas my
4   sone xlti shepe of my best ewis and iiijo[ur] <....>
5   kyn[n]e [Note 3] of the best and my best fetherbed a paire
6   of blankett[es] of the best iiijo[ur] paire of shetis of
7   the best and a coveryng of the bed the best w[i]t[h]
8   the paynted cloffe in my chambers & the han[-]
9   gyng in the hall w[i]t[h] my table formes bordes
10   abut the benche & my best coberd my best
11   cawdron [Note 4] th[a]t I have withe a lede & a catell [Note 5]
12   standyng in the bakehouse chamber in a
13   fornes & a dosen of pewter platers and
14   disshes of the beste w[i]t[h] iiijo[ur] catellis of the
15   best my best braspotte & a other braspote
16   withe a broken fote Also I give to my sone
17   Thomas my new lese of colbans a chest the
18   best and my best bedis and my best girdill
19   th[a]t was his mothers Also I give and bequeth
20   to my iiijo[ur] childern[n]e in law th[a]t is to say
21   John fox william fox gregory fox and an[n]e
22   fox iiijo[ur] bullockes of a yer old withe
23   vantage [Note 6] eche of them one delyverede
24   at mychelmas Also I give to John fox
25   and william fox eche of them xxs to
26   be paid bi the handes of my executo[ur]s
27   at the day of mariage Also I give to
28   gregory & an[n] [e]che of them xxvjs viijd to
29   be paid to the said william fox John fox
30   gregory fox and an[n] fox at/ <..> the day of ma[-]
31   riage and the forenamed an[n] fox to have


Page 3

1   hir mother best bedis And if any of my iijo
2   sones in law or An my doughter in law
3   dye before they be maried I will th[a]t Thomas
4   my sone have ther part and it to be praised [ Note 7]
5   and kept in the handes of my executo[ur]s
6   till my sone Thomas come to lawfull age
7   Also I give to my brothers childern[n]e yche
8   of them an ewe Also I give & bequethe to
9   my iiijo[ur] doughters th[a]t is to say Jon[n]e Ros
10   margaret & an[n] all my catell bothe shepe
11   and beffe unbequethid w[i]t[h] all other move[-]
12   ables except my buriall take out the
13   costes therof and my moveables to be
14   delyvered bothe shepe and beffe at the
15   feast of saynt michell th[e] arcangell next
16   comyng and then devided to my iiij o[ur]
17   doughters In equall porcyon[n] at the discre[-]
18   cyon[n]e of my executo[ur]s and my sup[er]visor
19   and the yongest have ther chose first Also
20   I give to An[n] my doughter my seconde fe[-]
21   therbede Also I will if any other of my son[n]es
22   in law or my doughters do stryve[ Note 8] I will
23   they go w[i]t[h]out ther p[ar]te Also I will th[a]t if
24   Rose or An[n] my doughters do dye before
25   they be maried I will th[a]t Thomas my sone
26   have ther p[ar]te and it praised bi iiijo[ur] men
27   the value therof and my executo[ur]s to
28   kept it in ther handes till my son[n]e come
29   to age and they to giff a rekenyng
30   of the p[ro]fettis to my sup[er]visor And if at
31   chaunche th[a]t my sone Thomas dye w[i]t[h]out
32   issue lawfully begoten[n] of his bodye then

Page 4

1   my landes to be devided to my iijo dou[-]
2   ghters th[a]t is to say margaret Rose and An[n]
3   bi equall portyons except Ryddeswillis
4   and girlars wiche I give to my doug[-]
5   hter Jon[n]e Also I put my son[n]e Thomas
6   fully in the handes of John webbe to put
7   him to the see or some other craft and he
8   to give a cown[n]te yerly of all my son[n]es
9   Thomas gooddes withe the other execu[-]
10   to[ur]s to my sup[er]visor whom I make tho[-]
11   mas Tem[?]at and he to have for his labo[ur]
12   etc xs John webbe and John baw the
13   executo[ur]s of this my last will John webbe
14   to have for his paynes xxs John baw
15   xiijs iiijd Also I give to John flowre my
16   brother my best cote withe a other cote
17   w[i]t[h] yalow lynyng and xs of money Also
18   I give<.> to/ <..> Thomas smartwayt curat xijd
19   Also I will th[a]t Thomas my son[n]e have the
20   whet th[a]t growith on the grounde and th[a]t/ th[a]t is
21   soyne The Residue of my gooddes Un[-]
22   given[n] and bequethid I give to myn[n]e
23   executo[ur]s and myn dettis th[a]t owyng me
24   to fullfill my will w[i]t[h] all before thes
25   recordes Thomas Smartwayt prest
26   John webb Richerd leyke John baw and
27   th[a]t th[a]t levithe of my dettis I will my sone
28   Thomas have it
29   Probatu[m] fuit hoc p[rese]ns test[a]m[entum]
30   cora[m] nobis etc <..> xvij die me[n]sis
31   martii A[nn]o D[omi]ni predicto etc in
32   ecca p[ar]och d[o]m[in]i petri colc[estri] etc


Note 1 beffe = An ox; any animal of the ox kind; esp. a fattened beast, or its carcase. (Source: OED)
Note 2 dwel = To abide or continue for a time, in a place, state, or condition. Obsolete or archaic. (Source: OED)
Note 3 kyne = The female of any bovine animal (as the ox, bison, or buffalo); most commonly applied to the female of the domestic species ( Bos Taurus). (Source: OED)
Note 4 cawdron = A large kettle or boiler (Source: OED)
Note 5 catell = A vessel, commonly of metal, for boiling water or other liquids over a fire; a pot or caldron (Source: OED)
Note 6 with vantage = and above, and (a little) more. (Source: OED)
Note 7 in this instance, praised = "To estimate or fix the monetary value of" (Source: OED)
Note 8 stryve (strive) = "To quarrel, wrangle" (Source: OED)

SourceMersea Museum