From all the stock of flying fowl (Poem)

From all the stock of flying fowl ...
East Mersea Manor, Book of Extracts & Precedents - Essex Record Office D/DRc M12
Transcribed by Sue Howlett

To the teune of the Kinge and the Begger

[ Copyright Image from Essex Record Office ]


From all the stock of flying ffoull
the Eagell bares the belt
she moveth soe to the glestarning cloudes
the foxes no lighteninges felt
her f[e]athers fayer like glestarninge goulde
her talantes farful to behoulde
above all birdes she is extolde
for flyinge to excell

the swan is whitt and fayre of hue
when she perceayeth deth ensue
with sugred wordes she singes adue
the stremes wher I did dwell ~ ~ ~

Incleate In create when deadullus furst began when deadullus

The nightingale for tuned voyce
all other birdes excede
mans sorrofull minde she doth reioyce
with sugred songes indeede
she alwayes sleepeth in hur neste
with preckende thorne agaynste hur breste
because the safer she would reste
from hazarde of hur foe

the peacoke on his taile of price
he is so proude of argos eyes
he thinkes there is not under the skyes
a fayrer birde to see

Sue Howlett writes of this poem:
There is internal evidence that the poems were original drafts, rather than copied out, and I would love to be sure of the name of the writer ( I suspect Thomas Peare ).

ID: MARG_306_013
Source: Mersea Museum