TitleFirs Chase School, West Mersea.
AbstractFirs Chase School was held upstairs in the The Firs, a house which belonged at the time to Mrs Passadoro. The pupils entered through a door which was to the left of the house in the picture above.
Playtimes were in a field to the left of the house or the pupils could climb on stone circles to the right of the drive which were the remains of the shell-crushing works of Dr. H. L. Jameson.
Pupils wore a uniform (badge and tie can be seen in the display cabinet) and there were some twenty five pupils in all. They were taught together in spite of the difference in their ages.
Lessons were mainly Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. They held an annual Sports Day.
The school was open in 1955 and closed in 1959 when the principals at the time left the Island. Principals in the early years were Miss J.V. Dawson, Miss L.F. Heppel. From 1958 they were P.M. Evans and A.J. Evans.
The above was compiled mostly from a conversation with Nick Hines.
Among the pupils were Nick Hines and Anthea Harding (from beginning of 1956 to 1959).

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Schools and education on Mersea Island

PublishedMay 2011
SourceMersea Museum