ID MARG_324_011

TitleEast Mersea Courte Leete 1559 D/DU 555/18
AbstractCourte Leete Essex Record Office D/DU 555 18 (003)

Transcribed by Jools Hoyle 5 June 2020

Courte Leete [ Note 1 ] `

1. The Fines, forfeictures, amercements [ Note 2 ] etc
2. found by the Homage [ Note 3 ], to be due unto the
3. Lord of this mannor. /
4. 1. Sept[ember]. 1.Eliz[abeth] : [ Note 4 ]Imp[rim]is, the homage found that the Lo[rd]: is to have}
5.yearely of them and of their desiners5 for a co[m]mon} xixs
fine }
6.It[em] For suffring Cattle to straye in the highwaye }
7. Hie waies (highways)to the damage of the neighbo[ur]s, Tho[mas] Flowre } ijs
and divers }
8.other weare am[er]ced at xijd p[er] p[er]s[on]? & }
Pollard at ijs}
9. bloud sead (bloodshed)It[e]m for Bloodshed, Cowlson was amerced at iijs iiij d
10.It[em] for not working with his neighbours to } iiijs
11.mend the highewayes, Martell was amerced at}
12.It[e]m midleton was ordred by a daye limited, to } ijd
13.make vj rodds [ Note 6 ] of ditching upon paine of forfeiting}
14.for every rod ijd / & for xvj rod more iiijs} iiijs
15. no catell sofud (suffered)It[e]m it was ordeyned that no inhabitant of this}
16. one the Hie waiesmanno[r], should hereafter suffer their Cattell to } vjs viijd
17. 7. July. 3. Eliz[abeth] [ Note 7 ]:straye in the highe waye, otherwise then in dryving} their grounds, under paine for every offence }
19.It[e]m the ten[au]nt[es] w[hi]ch have Co[m]mon w[i]thin }
this mann[or] }
20.weare co[m]maunded, by a certeyne daye to make} vs
21.a gate in Brookemead under payne of forfeyting}
22. reparingIt[e]m J[oh]n Harvy gentleman was Co[m]maunded }
(by a day)}
23. Housesto repaire ij howses w[hi]ch now are ruyines, and } xls
24.are belonging to his tenem[en]t called Martells }
25.under payne of forfeycting}
26. 10. Sept[ember].10.Eliz[abeth] [ Note 8 ]:It[e]m that John Richmond had forfeicted xxs for }
27. nobody to soudun (ie sojourn)one Thomas Butler to soiourne [ Note 9 ] with him in his howse}xxs
28. in this towne withw[i]thin this towne, contrary to the Bylawes of }
29. out leafethis towne
30. It[e]m that none should use any Gynnes [ Note 10 ], }
Lyure[?] pypes (lure pipe?) or }
31. no ginn to beFerretts to catch connyes [ Note 11 ] w[i]thin this manno[r] but onely } iijs iiijd
32. useadin their owne graunds upon forfeicting for ev[e]ry offence}
33. 27.Aug[ust]. 13. Eliz[abeth] [ Note 12 ]:It[e]m for not appearing at the Leete, Tho[mas]: Walden }iijd
34.being resident & dwelling w[i]thin the same, was fyned}
35. 3. Sept[ember]: 36.Eliz[abeth] [ Note 13 ]:The Co[m]mon fine was found this yeare & the yeare}
36.following to be xxs yearely }
37. Survay. A[nn]o. 3. Jacobi [ Note 14 ]The homage found that the Lo[rd]: had a court Leet or }
38.view of Franck pledge [ Note 15 ] to be held once yearely }
39.And that they give the Lo[rd]: yerely for a co[m]mon fine xixs
40.And that the King (being then Lo[rd]: of the s[ai]d mannor)}
41.Each right of Patronage of the parishe church of} xxvi
42.Eastmersy and that the Parsonage of Eastm[er]sy consisteth}acres
43.upon the Tenths of all & ev[e]ry kynds & conteyneth in it }
44.And that the Lo[rd]: was to have the rents & services of }
45.certeyne Customary Tennaunts p[er] Annu[m]}

Note 1  A court of record held periodically in a hundred, lordship, or manor, before the lord or his steward, and attended by the residents of the district.
Note 2 a penalty or fine at the discretion of the Lord, or of his court
Note 3 The Homage = a representative group of tenants known as the manorial homage, whose job was to make presentations to the court and act as a jury.
Note 4 1559
Note 5 a desiner = member of a tithing, or group of fellow tenants
Note 6 a rod is about 16ft 6ins
Note 7 1561
Note 8 1568
Note 9 sojourn/stay with
Note 10 'gin', a trap, see OED definition 4b
Note 11 rabbits
Note 12 1571
Note 13 1594
Note 14 1606 - a Survey of the Manor was carried out for new owners by Thomas Peachy (Peachie/Peachey)
Note 15  a court held periodically for the production of the members of a tithing, later of a hundred or manor. A court Leete 

Published1 September 1559
SourceMersea Museum