MARG - transcribed deeds, wills, other old documents

Mersea Archive Research Group (MARG) is working to transcribe old documents from a number of sources. There is a list of completed documents below, with a few that are work-in-pogress. Where the document is from Essex Record Office, the Document ID is quoted and an image of the original document can usually be obtained from them.
If a document has been transcribed, the Link column will take you to the transcription.

Strood Accounts

1.MARG_001_011     Strood Accounts Receipts 1556 ERO D/P 77/25/1
2.MARG_002_011 Strood Accounts Receipts 1557-58 ERO D/P 77/25/1
3.MARG_003_011 Receipts of the Strood 1559 1560
4.MARG_004_011 Strood Charges 1559 D/P 77/25/1
5.MARG_005_011 Strood Accounts Charges 1560 1561 ERO D/P 77/25/1
6.MARG_006_011 Strood Accounts Receipts 1561-62 ERO D/P 77/25/1
7.MARG_007_011 Strood Accounts receipts 1562-64 ERO D/P 77/25/1
8.MARG_008_011 Strood Accounts Receipts 1565 ERO D/P 77/25/1
9.MARG_009_011 Strood Accounts 1566-75 ERO D/P 77/25/1
10.MARG_010_011 Strood Accounts 1620 ERO D/P 77/25/2


101.MARG_101_011       John Whyter, East Mersea, 1547;
102.MARG_102_011 Henry Taillour of West Mersea (from J.B. Bennett)
103.MARG_103_011 John Cooke 1631 ERO D/ABW 54/15
104.MARG_104_011 William Mott West Mersea 1620 ERO D/ABW 45/177
105.MARG_105_011 William Beckett West Mersea 1633 ERO D/ABW 52/145
106.MARG_106_011 Robert Wilvet 1542-3 D/ABW 39/55
107.MARG_107_011 Eliz Sethyck East Mersea 1557 D/ABW 33/329
108.MARG_108_011 Joan Thornback 1636 West Mersea
109.MARG_109_011 Joan Foakes of West Mersey 1638 D/ABW 55/249
110.MARG_110_011 John Livermore Quaker 1671 D/ABW 66/260
111.MARG_111_011 Robert Gybb 1543 D/ABW 16/96
112.MARG_112_011 John Jeffery West Mersea 1557 D/ABW 21/59
113.MARG_113_011 Thomas Fereer EM 1628 D/ACW 10/233
114.MARG_114_011 Anne Cooke noncupative 1622 D/ABW 44/303
115.MARG_115_011 Joanna Hunter West Mersea 1690 D/ABW 73/220
116.MARG_116_011 Will of Richard Joslinge of West Mersea 1600 ERO D/ABW 21/198
117.MARG_117_011 Will of Elizabeth Prentyse of West Mersea 1589 ERO D/ABW 29/146
118.MARG_118_011 Will of Rychard Whyter of West Mersea D/ABW 39/12
119.MARG_119_011 Will of Thomas Taylor of East Mersea 1625 D/ACW 10/21
120.MARG_120_012 Will of Israel Edwards of East Mersea 1666 D/ACW 17/210
121.MARG_121_011 Will of John Fokes 1546 D/ABW 14/36
122.Will of Katherine Durrell 1546 D/ABW 12/35
123.MARG_123_012 Will of Thomas Flowre
124.MARG_124_011 Will of James Wells 1614 ERO D/ABW 41/231
125.MARG_125_011 Will of Henry Lyarde of West Mersea 1604 ERO D/ABW 24/57
126.MARG_126_011 Will of Joan Middleton 1557 ERO D/ABW 25/151
127.MARG_127_011 Will of Thomas Frere of Fingringhoe 1663 ERO D/ACW 17/114
128.MARG_128_011 Will of William Fookes of West Mersea 1609 ERO D/ABW 15/121
129.MARG_129_011 Will of George Northey of West Mersea 1660 ERO D/ABW 61/251
130.Will of Henry Choppin 1628 ERO D/ABW 49/229
131.MARG_131_011 Will of Stephen Smyth of West Mersea 1492 TNA PROB 11/10/606
132.MARG_132_011 Will of Sarah Hackney of West Mersea 1660 D/ABW 61/125
133.MARG_133_011 Will of George Wayland of Fingringhoe 1790 TNA PROB 11/1264/41
134.MARG_134_011 Will of Shadrack Ennew of West Mersea 1784 TNA PROB 11/996/275
141.Will of Margaret Bulloke 1528 ERO D/ABW 3/12
142.MARG_142_011 Will of John Bullock 1553 National Archives PROB 11/43/553
143.Will of Agnes Bullock 1576 ERO D/ABW 4/351
144.Will of Henry Bullock 1578 National Archives PROB 11/61/174
145.Will of Edward Bullock 1611 National Archives PROB 11/87/187
146.Will of Robert Bullock 1626 ERO D/ACW 10/48

Peldon wills and documents

201.MARG_201_011     William French, yeoman of Peldon 1607 ERO D/ABW 15/98
202.MARG_202_011 Thomas Bullock of Peldon, carpenter 25 Feb 1706 ERO D/ABW 79/7.
203.MARG_203_011 Margarett Commyns, Peldon ERO D/ABW 10/229.
204.MARG_204_011 Will of Joan Waywold, Peldon 30 April 1584 ERO D/ABW 40/47.
205.MARG_205_011 Will of Henry Marveile of Peldon 1579 ERO D/ABW 25/271
206.MARG_206_011 Indenture Mary Wade of Peldon 1692
207.MARG_207_011 Will of Abraham Fokes [ Foakes ] of Peldon 1597 D/ABW 15/49
208.MARG_208_011 Will of John Lawrence of Peldon 1612 D/ABW 24/117
209.MARG_209_011 Will of William Heidge [ Hedge ] of Peldon 1650 PROB/11/268/126
210.MARG_210_011 Will of Thomas Page of Peldon 1583 PROB 11/77/407
211.MARG_211_011 Will of Samuel Munt of Peldon Hall 1653 TNA PROB 11/275/327
212.MARG_212_011 Will of John Wayland of Peldon 1788 TNA PROB 11/1173/41
241.PH01_DMS Peldon in Domesday Book
251.SLY_001_101 Sleyes Peldon conveyance John Lawrence John Anger 1635
252.SLY_002_101 Sleyes Peldon conveyance John Lawrence John Anger 1635
253.SLY_003_101 Sleyes Peldon Will of John Hopkins 1734
254.SLY_004_101 Sleyes Peldon letter from James Boys 1741
255.SLY_005_101 Sleyes Peldon will of Jonathan Bennet of East Mersea 1760
256.SLY_006_101 Sleyes Peldon Regrant and Admission of Edward Ransom
257.SLY_007_101 Sleyes Peldon sale by Edward Ransom to John White 1772
258.SLY_008_101 Sleyes Manorial Surrender to John White 1772
259.SLY_009_101 Sleyes Manorial Admission of John White 1774
260.SLY_010_101 Sleyes sale of property to Joseph Ward 1780
261.SLY_011_101 Sleyes Admission of Joseph Ward
262.SLY_012_101 Sleyes - sale Mary Wilsmore to Martin Harvey
265.PPS_001 Indenture Priest's House (Slyes) Peldon 1726

Other documents

301.Bower Hall 1743 D/DU/491
302.Tithe customs of vicarage of West Mersea 1460/1750 D/Q 1/12
303.MARG_303_011 Manorial Records - East Mersea Tree Cutting 1501 D/DRc M12
304.MARG_304_011 East Mersea Manor - letter from Queen Elizabeth ref Thomas Abell D/DRc M12
305.1589 Crew list for bark PARNELL D/DRc M12
306.(001)Those that would run a virtuous race... (Poem) D/DRc M12
(002)Those that would run a virtuous race... (Poem) D/DRc M12
MARG_306_013     From all the stock of flying fowl (Poem) D/DRc M12
(004)From all the stock of flying fowl (Poem) D/DRc M12
307.West Mersea Custumal 1497 D/Du 491/22
308.MARG_308_001 West Mersea St Ouen's Domesday 1086
309.MARG_309_001 West Mersea Bocking Hall Domesday 1086
310.MARG_310_001 East Mersea Domesday 1086
311.MARG_311_012 William Myddleton Inventory West Mersea 1555 D/ABW 25/125
312.MARG_312_011 Manorial Customs in West Mersea and Fingringhoe
313.MARG_313_011 Manorial Customs in West Mersea - tenants destruction of ancient records
321.MARG_321_011 East Mersea Customary tenants incl. Abell D/DU 555/18
322.MARG_322_011 East Mersea Demesnes 1589 D/DU 555/18
323.MARG_323_011 East Mersea Courte Leete 1589 D/DU 555/18
324.MARG_324_011 East Mersea Courte Leete 1559 D/DU 555/18
331.East Mersea Births 1682 D/P 77/1/1
332.West Mersea Baptisms 1634
333.West Mersea Registers 9 1680 D/P 77/1/1
334.West Mersea Registers 10 1684 D/P 77/1/1
401.MARG_401 Earliest written references to Mersea Island 894 etc
401.MARG_402 Charter of King Edward the Confessor 1046

Source: Mersea Museum