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TitleZebedee Milgate and Tom Mole - Winifred Hone memoirs
AbstractZebedee Milgate and Tom Mole were two other amusing characters. On one occasion Milgate was discussing his wealth with Mole having sold his small smack for £70. Not to be outdone by Milgate's statement of wealth, Mole replied he had plenty, his daughters heads always in the cupboards looking for something to eat. He thought of himself as generous and anybody was welcome to come and have a meal with him as long as they brought their own food.

Captain Dickson RN has bought the DAISY and left Mersea with his bride on their honeymoon voyage to Greenland. In later years the smack was completely converted into quite a glamorous yacht and renamed DUSMARIE. He returned to Mersea after the Second World War, he used my club a lot but his bargaining was a bit odd. He would tell you what he wanted but he never asked how much. At a later date he would bring in fish, which he said was the Greenland way of payment. He seemed a happy and contented man and I was very shocked to hear that he had decided to end his life. He always had some adventure on and perhaps he regarded this as a new one.

Zebedee is typed as Zedbarah in the article

AuthorWinifred Hone
SourceMersea Museum / Wendy Woolley
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