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TitleTalk on West Mersea Church by T B Millatt Part 3
Abstract[01m] Churchyard was closed about 1900 by an order in council because the churchyard was full and they then opened up Barfield Road and later Firs Road Cemeteries. [12m] 1882 Large restoration. Gallery at back of the church taken out. Clock given by local GP Doctor Green in memory of his uncle Doctor Norman. [13m] New stained glass East Window in memory of Horace Egerton Green, Mayor of Colchester twice. [14m] 1935 chiming apparatus on the bells to celebrate the Silver Jubilee. [14m24s] Statue of St Christopher painted as a memorial by local artist R.S. Scarfe [?].
1951 major work at the top of the church tower. [16m] 1960 new organ. Side chapel furnished and dedicated. Altar made from an old plotting table from Biggin Hill aerodrome, by the local Sea Cadets. The ornaments on it were designed by Fid Harnack.
Duration24 minutes
File nameWest Mersea Church by Tom Millatt 30th June 1985 - Part3.mp3
Recorded30 June 1985
Updated2017-08-10 20:38:10
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