TitleDengie Ranges, Bradwell-on-Sea
AbstractDescription of the Bombing Range built off the Dengie peninsular from 1936 onwards.
In 1948 the American Air force, chiefly from Wethersfield began using the range, using the "Newlands" of "Eastlands. Pyramid shaped position markers near St. Peter's Chapel pointed to the target. However, because the flight path was over the historic chapel, the risk of an accident was thought to be too great and in 1962 the site was closed.

Nearby was the 100 acres landing strip, which in 1942 gave way to Bradwell Bay.

The authors of this account were Ray Orchard and Doug Joslin. Ray was headmaster of Bradwell School, now called St. Cedds School. The account came from Kevin Bruce.

To read the full account, go to Bombing Range Brad School.pdf

SourceMersea Museum / Kevin Bruce Collection