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TitleBeckwith's Colchester Registered Steamers
AbstractList compiled by John Collins of Wivenhoe Nottage.
List of Beckwith's Colchester Registered steamers.
1880/1 ESSEX 60.19grt (39.96net) iron elliptical stern screw steamer. 80.8'x15.7'x5.8'. Engine room 16.8'. Two 'high pressure' cyls 25" bore x 10" stroke, surface condensing by G. H. Pattisson, Newcastle, 16hp. C.1879 by Osbourne Graham & Co. at Hyton, Sunderland for Edwin Joseph Saunders, Colchester. Registered to builders in Sunderland for delivery passage. (ON 81463). 1/8/1882 Sold to Joseph Hawkins Beckwith, Colchester. 7/3/1891 Sold to George Henry Mills 32/64s & Charles Edward Mills 32/64. 25/8/1898 Sold to Thomas Mills Fairweather & Co. Ltd. 6/3/1916 Sold to John Robert Mitchell & Thomas Henry Middleton & Arthur Herbert Avery jointly of Grimsby. 4/1916 =>CK. 1916/1.
1880/12 COLCHESTER 85.30grt (39.34net) iron round stern screw steamer. 94.8'x16.2'x6.3'. Engine room 19.9'. C2cyl surface condensing by G. H. Pattisson, Newcastle. C.1880 by John Softley & Co. at South Shields for Joseph Hawkins Beckwith 32/64s & Edward Burgess Marriage 32/64s, Colchester. (ON 79409). 18/6/1881 Closed, sold to French owner.
1881/7 MURIEL 104.65grt (66.54net) iron elliptical stern screw steamer. 91.5'x18.4'x7.3', engine room 19.8'. C2cyl by R. & H. Hawthorn. C.6/1881 by Hodgson & Soulsby at Blyth for Edwin Joseph Saunders, Colchester. (ON 79415). 1/8/1882 Sold to Joseph Hawkins Beckwith, Colchester. 1/9/1883 Sold to Andrew McIlwrath, London, Colchester. 15/1/1885 Authority given to Francis King & Thomas Bibbe Robinson for vessel to be sailed to Queensland for sale. Not sold. 11/2/1889 Sold to Melbourne owner.
1881/11 GEM 72.88grt (46.98net) round stern iron screw steam sloop. 80.6'x16.1'x7.7'. Engine room 18.3'. C3cyl 9"+17"x14" by R. J. Marshall. C.1881 by R. J. Marshall at South Shields. (ON 81975). ex SSS.1881/8. 22/11/1881 Sold to Joseph Hawkins Beckwith. 23/11/1916 Owner died, Annie Pricilla Beckwith, Hugh James Beckwith & Frederick Thomas Gosling executors. Sold to Annie Pricilla Beckwith. 28/8/1919 Sold to Birds Shipping Co. Ltd, St Sampsons, Guernsey, registered Colchester. Renamed CITY OF TOULON. Owned by Transport & Trading Ltd. 1/3/1920 Sold to Charlton & Co. Ltd of Grimsby. 29/11/1937 Registry no longer required, Altered to a lighter.
1890/1 COLCHESTER 96.09grt (49.46net) round stern iron screw steamer. 86.0'x18.1'x7. 7'. Two Plenty & Sons, Newbury C3cyl. C.3/1890 by MacKenzie & Sons at Blackwall for Joseph Hawkins Beckwith, Colchester. (ON 93977). 10/12/1890 Sold to Robert Stoker Paul 32/64s & William Francis Paul 32/64s, Ipswich. =>IH.1890/3.
1892/1 RELIANCE 106.45grt (49.95net) steel round stern screw steam schooner. 85.0'x18.0'x8.3'. Engine room 21.8'. C2cyl 12"+12"x18", 24rhp by Cran & Co, Leith. C.1/1892 by James Wilson & Co. at Queensferry for Joseph Hawkins Beckwith, Colchester. (ON 98323). 7/4/1894 Sold to Spanish owner.
1894/9 ESSEX 115.31grt (47.42net) steel elliptical stern screw steam schooner. 85.0'x18.5'x7.8'. Engine room 29.3'. C2cyl by Hedley & Boyd, N. Shields. 11" +22"x16". 20nhp, 100ihp. C.11/1894 by Robert Thompson at Sunderland for Joseph Hawkins Beckwith, Colchester. (ON 104482). 10/2/1899 Closed, sold to Spanish owner.
1896/1 PROMPT 127.38grt (68.40net) steel elliptical stern ketch rigged screw steamer. 95.0'x20.05'x7.3'. Engine room 26.7'. Butler & Co, Belfast T3cyl 10", 15.5", & 24" x14", 34nhp 180ihp. Boiler by Riley Bros, Stockton. C.1896 by South Hylton Shipbuilding & Repair Co. at Sunderland for Joseph Hawkins Beckwith, Colchester. (ON 104490). 30/9/1899 Sold to Brazil. [John Collins]

Beckwiths also owned the EAGRE, Official No. 108311, built Beckingham 1898, registered London [MNL 1907]. Not in 1919 MNL.
AuthorJohn Collins
Published13 November 2010
SourceMersea Museum