Mersea Island Museum - Blackwater Ships

Ship:      BOGOTA
Arrived:May 1930
Departed:2 January 1933
Career:"Waterside Memories" by Frank Drake mentions that BOGOTA was laid up in the River Blackwater. Launched as WAR LAPWING and entered service as BOGOTA. Renamed MADDA-1933, MONTE NAFARRATE-1945, RIVADELUNA-1956. Broken up Santander 2 January 1973
Departure date from Oyster Company ledger, which mostly records her as BOGATA.
Arrival date May 1930 from Essex Record Office document DF 106/1/10/12 T&MNOFC Record of Ships Moored on Fishery 1930-33.
2 January 1933 MADDA ex BOGOTA Unmoor.

"Haven of Rest" by Douglas Gurton lists the vessel but has no further info. See DJG_SHP

Tonnage:5,167 gross
Type:Cargo ship
Owner:Pacific Steam Navigation Company
Official No:140618

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