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Arrived:After 10 September 1929
Departed:c5 January 1930
Arrived 2:14 May 1931
Departed 2:c11 December 1931
Arrived 3:16 September 1931
Departed 3:23 November 1932
Career:Dates from Oyster Company ledger and Voyage Record Cards:
Sailed London 13-05-31 Arr Tollesbury 14=05-31 where shown as "Laid-up" the next entry is passing The Lizard 13-12-31 for Barry and Newport suggesting she probably sailed from the Blackwater on 11 or 12-12-31

The Scotsman of 12-09-29 reported SUTHERLAND GRANGE passed Gravesend 10-09-29
Hull Daily Mail of 06 Jan 1930 reported SUTHERAND GRANGE arrived Hull (King George Dock) from Tollesbury
Shields Daily News 24 Sep 1931 Houlder Line SUTHERLAND GRANGE (is) at Tollesbury
She then completed two foreign voyages with a similar rotation
Western Mail of 16 Dec 1931 reported SUTHERLAND GRANGE arrived Newport 14-12-31 from Tollesbury
Sld London 15-09-32 Arr Tollesbury 16-09-31. The sailing date from the Blackwater is not shown but the sailing date of 23-11-32 from the T&MNOFC ledger appears correct as she was next reported on 24-11-32

Built as GUARDIANA, renamed SUTHERLAND GRANGE-1911. Broken up Rosyth 3 June 1933 [Metal Industries].

Tonnage:6,852 gross
Type:Passenger cargo
Owner:Houlder Line Ltd.
Official No:124326

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