Mersea Island Museum - Blackwater Ships

Ship:      SILVERFIR
Arrived:26 July 1932
Departed:23 January 1933
Career:Sunk 16 March 1941 by German battleship SCHARNHORST.
Dates from Oyster Company ledger.
Sunderland Daily Echo & Shipping Gazette of 6 Aug 1932 SILVERFIR arrived River Blackwater 23-07-32
Shields Daily News 27 Jan 1933 reported SILVERFIR (from River Blackwater) for Sunderland require tug assistance due to boiler problems when about 4 miles off port
Shields Daily News 27 Jan 1933 SILVERFIR arrived River Wear 26-01-33 from River Blackwater
Tonnage:4,347 gross
Type:Cargo ship
Owner:S. & J. Thompson
Official No:147675

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